Line of Duty (시리즈 5) - Line of Duty (series 5)

업무 라인
시즌 5
원산지 영국
에피소드 6
원래 네트워크 BBC One
원래 릴리스 2019 년 3 월 31 일 5 월 5 일 (2019-03-31)
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Line of Duty 에피소드 목록

The fifth series of Line of Duty, consisting of six episodes, began broadcasting on 31 March 2019 on BBC One.[1] The series follows the actions of Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar), DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) and DS Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) as they investigate an Organised Crime Group with links to missing undercover officer DS John Corbett (Stephen Graham). Anna Maxwell Martin stars in episodes five and six as DCS Patricia Carmichael. Supporting characters include underboss Lisa McQueen (Rochenda Sandall) and the special counsel to the police and crime commissioner Gill Biggeloe (Polly Walker).


Main cast

Supporting cast

  • Rochenda Sandall as Lisa McQueen
  • Maya Sondhi as PC Maneet Bindra
  • Polly Walker as Gill Biggeloe
  • Taj Atwal as PC Tatleen Sohota
  • Tony Pitts as DCS Lester Hargreaves
  • Aiysha Hart as DS Sam Railston
  • Patrick FitzSymons as Mark Moffatt
  • Susan Vidler as DSU Alison Powell
  • Ace Bhatti as Police and Crime Commissioner Rohan Sindwhani
  • Elizabeth Rider as DCC Andrea Wise
  • Sian Reese-Williams as Sergeant Jane Cafferty
  • Richard Pepple as Sergeant Kyle Ferringham
  • Gregory Piper as Ryan Pilkington
  • Tomi May as Miroslav Minkowicz
  • Tommy Jessop as Terry Boyle
  • Andrea Irvine as Roisin Hastings
  • Maanuv Thiara as Vihaan Malhotra
  • Alastair Natkiel as Lee Banks
  • Laura Elphinstone as DI Michelle Brandyce
  • Natalie Gavin as Sergeant Tina Tranter
  • Rosa Escoda as Amanda Yao
  • Peter De Jersey as Rossport
  • Caroline Koziol as Mariana
  • Richard Sutton as PC Bloom


No. in
표제 감독 작성자 원래 방송 날짜 [2] 영국 시청자
(백만 명)[삼]
24 1 "에피소드 1" 존 스트릭 랜드 제드 머큐리오 2019 년 3 월 31 일 [4] (2019-03-31) 13.20
An organised crime group (OCG) hijacks a police convoy transporting seized drugs and kills three armed officers; AC-12 suspect that undercover police may be involved. They discover that the undercover officer is DS John Corbett and not, as originally assumed, Lisa McQueen. Sergeant Jane Cafferty survives the attack, drawing suspicion. PC Maneet Bindra is interviewed by Superintendent Hastings, DS Steve Arnott and DI Kate Fleming, due to her involvement with her cousin, Vihaan Malhotra, in spying on AC-12 and leaking information to the organised crime group for ACC Derek Hilton. In a further attempt to protect Malhotra, she contacts the organised crime group. Corbett accuses her of infiltration and she is killed.
25 2 "Episode 2" John Strickland Jed Mercurio 7 April 2019 (2019-04-07) 12.43
A fresh police leak enables the OCG to carry out a raid led by Corbett on a weapons convoy. Cafferty is found with £5,000 in a brown envelope by Arnott in his attempts to gather information. Corbett convinces him he is "straight". Hastings is approached by Mark Moffatt regarding his failed property investment. Moffat hands him a big brown envelope. Roisin Hastings insists on their divorce. From photographs, Cafferty identifies who recruited her.
26 3 "Episode 3" John Strickland[5] Jed Mercurio[5] 14 April 2019 (2019-04-14) 12.59
Arnott tells Fleming and Hastings of his liaison with Corbett. After their initial shock, they agree to continue with Arnott's proposal. AC-12 identify that the organised crime group are involved in sex trafficking at a block of flats. AC-12 raid the flats and the group's front print shop. Corbett tips Arnott off about a larger-scale raid on the Eastfield police depot and states that a corrupt senior police officer will be there. Arnott is drawn away from the raid by a false ‘Status Zero’ call. Corbett shoots the senior police officer, who arrives with tracker information, and is revealed to be DCS Hargreaves. Corbett, on learning of his death, flees. Using false AC-12 ID, he enters Roisin Hastings' flat.
27 4 "Episode 4" John Strickland[6] Jed Mercurio[6] 21 April 2019 (2019-04-21) 12.34
AC-12 discover that Corbett has links to Northern Ireland. Arnott arranges to meet Corbett, backed up by armed officers. Corbett tells Arnott that he had attacked Hastings' wife Roisin who is now in hospital. Hastings orders Arnott via his wire to shoot Corbett, but he refuses. Corbett reveals the location of a meeting between the OCG and "H" and then escapes. AC-12 and the Cybercrime unit impersonate "H" and make contact with the OCG via a laptop. The OCG transport a group of women to their base to be trafficked. Corbett wants to free the women and thinks that McQueen will support him in this. However, the OCG kill Corbett as they realise that he is the rat.
28 5 "Episode 5" Sue Tully[7] Jed Mercurio[7] 28 April 2019 (2019-04-28) 12.91
The OCG dump the bodies of Corbett and Jackie Laverty which are later found by police. AC-12's investigation into Operation Pear Tree is suspended. Hastings continues to make contact with the OCG. He persuades McQueen and Miroslav Minkowicz that he can handle the goods from the raid, until armed officers catch up with Hastings. Minkowicz is killed and McQueen is arrested. AC-12 discover that Hastings visited Lee Banks in prison, leading Fleming to raise concerns with senior officers. Hastings is suspended and investigated by DCS Patricia Carmichael, and is subsequently charged with conspiracy to murder Corbett.
29 6 "Episode 6" Sue Tully[7] Jed Mercurio[7] 5 May 2019 (2019-05-05) 13.67

Carmichael and her team continue to interview Hastings. They question him about the £50,000 in banknotes they found in his hotel room. Gill Biggeloe, who sits in on the interview, identifies errors in the police search procedure of Hastings' hotel room. This leads Carmichael's team to interrogate Hastings' communications data for further evidence. Meanwhile, Fleming and Arnott revisit Corbett's widow and DSU Powell. They discover that Biggeloe was involved in selecting Corbett for Operation Pear Tree. Fleming and Arnott present their findings to Hastings. It is revealed that Biggeloe was recruited by the OCG while she was working as a defence solicitor. She texts the OCG in order to escape. Tina Tranter attempts to stab her, but is shot by Arnott.

The epilogue reveals that Operation Pear Tree is now officially closed. Fleming received a commendation for her investigation into Pear Tree. Arnott was commended alongside her after an independent panel cleared him in shooting Tranter. McQueen received immunity in exchange for providing information about the OCG, and now volunteers as a youth worker. Ryan Pilkington is now a student police officer. Biggeloe received immunity and a new identity. Hastings received a final written warning, but continues to lead AC-12. Moffat, standing trial, claims that the £50,000 found in Hastings' hotel room is only half of the sum that was handed to him. The remaining £50,000 is never found, but Hastings is seen approaching Corbett's widow with an envelope.


Despite less positive reviews than the previous seasons, the series was still ranked highly among critics. Review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes holds an approval rating for series 5 at 88% based on 25 reviews.[8] The website's critics consensus reads: “Line of Duty's sterling ensemble all maintain a stiff upper lip, but audiences' limbs will be quavering throughout this tense fifth season that dives deep into moral murk.” On the review aggregator website Metacritic, the season has a score of 88 out of 100 based on 5 critics.[9]

Radio Times drama editor Eleanor Bley Griffiths wrote: "With epic interrogation scenes, surprise betrayals, grisly murders, untold secrets, massive twists... "[10] Pat Stacey of The Herald wrote: "Episode by episode, the plot is thickening, like soup that's been left sitting on a hot stove for too long."[11] Rachel Cooke of the New Statesman was less complimentary in her review, suggesting that Mercurio struggled to give the audience a logical resolution – leading her to call series five “Jed Mercurio’s ropiest bit of work ever sent our way.”[12] Brian Donaldson of The List배우 고체 칭찬을했지만,이 시리즈의 줄거리는 다소 모호하다고 생각; 그는 진술, 스크립트의 핵심이었다 "문제의 중대한 논의 그들 중 많은 쓰기 잎들이 샴푸 향 주머니의 뒷면에있는 내용을 읽고 생각으로." [13]


시리즈 5는 이전 시즌에서 등급을 볼 수있는 중요한 증가했다. 월 2019 년 시즌 피날레으로 의무의 라인은 올해의 BBC에서 가장 감시 프로그램이었다. [14] 쇼는 에피소드 당 12,340,000 13.67 시청자의 평균 피크를 갖고있는보고되었다. [15] [16]

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