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배경 정보
출생 이름 아담 키프 호로비츠
또한 ~으로 알려진
  • Ad-Rock
  • 킹 애드 록
  • Shadrach
태어난 ( 1966-10-31 )1966년 10월 31일 (나이 54)
뉴욕시, 뉴욕 미국,
  • 랩퍼
  • 음악가
  • 작곡가
  • 기타리스트
  • 배우
  • 보컬
  • 기타
  • 키보드
  • 베이스
  • 드럼
  • 이뮤 SP-1200
  • 턴테이블
활동 기간 1982– 현재
관련된 행위
웹 사이트 beastieboys .com
2007 년 9 월 5 일 스페인 바르셀로나 에서 Beastie Boys와 함께 Ad-Rock .

Adam Keefe Horovitz (1966 년 10 월 31 일 출생)는 [1] Ad-Rock 또는 King Ad-Rock 으로 더 잘 알려져 있으며 미국 래퍼, 기타리스트 및 배우입니다. 그는 힙합 그룹 비스티 보이즈 의 멤버였습니다 . 그는 음악가이자 페미니스트 활동가 인 Kathleen Hanna 와 결혼했습니다 . [2]

초기 생활

Horovitz was born and raised on Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York, the son of Doris (née Keefe) and playwright Israel Horovitz.[3] His sister is film producer Rachael Horovitz. His father is Jewish, whereas his mother, who was of Irish descent, was Roman Catholic.[4][5] He was raised secular.[6]


Horovitz는 Beastie Boys와 자주 공연 하는 펑크 록 밴드 The Young and the Useless 에서 음악 경력을 시작했습니다 . 1982 년 Beastie Boys 기타리스트 John Berry가 그만두고 Horovitz가 그를 대신했습니다. 당시 그는 16 살이었습니다. [7] Horovitz가 지은 밴드에 합류 한 후, 비스티 보이스는 진화에서 그들의 사운드를 변경 하드 코어 펑크 보다 힙합 지향 그룹 밴드. 밴드는 Def Jam계약을 맺고 데뷔 앨범 Licensed to Ill을 발표했습니다. in 1986. The album was a huge commercial success, and spawned six hit singles. Seven albums followed, and by 2010 Beastie Boys had sold 22 million records in the United States alone, and 40 million worldwide. In 2012, Beastie Boys were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In addition to his work with Beastie Boys, Horovitz also remixes numerous tracks for other artists under the alias 41 Small Stars.[8] He plays bass in The Tender Moments, the backing band of New York-based cabaret performer Bridget Everett.[9]

Horovitz has acted in several motion pictures and television shows. Some of his roles include Tim 'Chino' Doolan in Lost Angels (1989), Sam in Roadside Prophets (1992), Repulski in Godspeed (2007), Fletcher in While We're Young (2014), and Nick in Golden Exits (2017).

In 2020, he was featured in the documentary Have a Good Trip [10]

Personal life

In the late 1980s, Horovitz was in a relationship with American actress Molly Ringwald. They met on the set of The Pick-up Artist.[11][12]

Horovitz was married to actress Ione Skye from 1992 to 1995. They separated in 1995 and divorced in 1999. Since 1997 he has been involved with riot grrrl artist Kathleen Hanna; they married in 2006.[2] Horovitz is featured prominently in The Punk Singer, a 2013 documentary film about Hanna's life and career; he even shot a scene himself to show Hanna's distressed reaction to the medication she was taking to treat Lyme disease.[13]

Horovitz began to wear a medical alert bracelet following the tonic–clonic seizure he experienced in 2003.[14]

In November 2018, Horovitz purchased a house in South Pasadena, California.[15]


with Beastie Boys
with BS 2000



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